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Our Cubicle Curtains are a quality product suitable for any healthcare facility. Our Standard Cubicle Curtains are made of 100% Avora Polyester material, which is permanently and inherently flame resistant. The fabric meets all fire safety codes, including NFPA Test 701. Rust proof grommets are machined into top hem on 6" centers. All cubicle curtains have #50 mesh (1/2" size hole) at the top, measuring from 18" to 20" Standard in Width. (Wider Meshes are available) This Nylon mesh is double stitched to the cubicle curtain material.

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Curtain Size

  • A good rule of thumb is for the cubicle curtain to come within ~15" of the floor.
    Example: For a standard 8 ft. ceiling, an 81" finished cubicle curtain is normally adequate.
  • Cubicle Curtains need to be a minimum of 10% to 15% wider than your track width for fullness.
    Example: 138" width Cubicle Curtain for a 120" track.
We can custom fit any application and will help you configure the best track and hardware package. Alderman Acres Manufacturing, Inc. always includes "Track Installation Instructions" with each shipment.

On-Site Services

  • Available only within a 200 mile radius from our facility.
  • We perform all the measurements and professionally install all hardware and cubicle curtains to your requirements.
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Revitalize EXISTING Cubicle Curtains

Do you need #50 (1/2") mesh on your existing cubicle curtains? We can help!

We will Replace or Add mesh required to meet State & Federal Fire Marshal Codes for Sprinkler Systems and Air Ventilation Clearances.

Call us at (620) 251-4095 or (800) 207-8201 to make arrangements.

  • Send us only freshly laundered cubicle curtains.
  • Old mesh will be cut off and #50 (1/2" hole size) mesh with grommets sewn on.
  • Inquire about quick turn-around schedule.