Reintroducing the Sought-After Mid-Century Modern Classic Rocking Chair
Precision-Built Handmade All-Hardwood Frame • World's 1st Cantilever Spring Rocker
Comfortable • Therapeutic • American Made • Limited Lifetime Warranty

It's just what the doctor ordered!

Here at Howe Chiropractic, 2019 marks our 70th year serving folks in Central New York. Established in 1949, our eight much-loved Rok-A-Chairs were purchased by my father in 1954. I can't begin to venture a guess as to how many patients — in acute pain and otherwise — have enjoyed the comfort of these chairs over the years. I might add, we're forever encouraging patients to move regularly, and the therapeutic benefit to movement in a rhythmic, firm and well-fit rocker vs. a static, low and over-stuffed couch is like day vs. night where spinal rehab is concerned. We should have a comfortable rocking chair to retreat to, and Rok-A-Chairs are still the best — even after 65+ years of daily use.

Cruse Howe, DC, DBCS
Howe Chiropractic & Westside Wellness, LLC
Syracuse, NY

  • Its unique design provides firm, orthopedic support of the lower back in a comforting rocker style.
  • Engineered to be durable and easy to clean.
  • Totally silent when in use and its unique platform design will not mar floors.
  • Ideal for nursery applications and relaxation.
  • Prescribed for the elderly, handicapped or limited-mobility individual.
  • A welcome addition to lobbies, offices, waiting areas, clinics and spas.
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The amazing ROK-A-CHAIR — the world's first "CANTILEVER SPRING" rocking chair.

Your ROK-A-CHAIR comes to you fully-assembled and ready to unpack, sit back and relax in unparalleled comfort. Superior craftsmanship is evident in all models of the renowned ROK-A-CHAIR. Whether handcrafted in fabric, Naughahyde® or 100% Genuine Leather, each chair is durable and built to last. Your ROK-A-CHAIR will be unlike any chair you've ever owned. The classic Mid-Century Modern design is doctor recommended, but what owners remember most is the relaxed feeling they experience as aches, pains and tensions melt away.

Superior craftsmanship is evident in all models of the renowned ROK-A-CHAIR. Whether handcrafted in fabric, durable vinyl or 100% Genuine Leather, each handmade chair is durable and built to last. At the center of the ROK-A-CHAIR design is its unique "cantilever spring" that gives the chair its special feel loved by thousands.

For more information or to order your ROK-A-CHAIR, just call us at (800) 207-8201.


Leather Properties
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Performance Properties
Naugahyde® Properties
  • Sulfide Stain Resisant
  • ASTME 1428-Pink Stain Test
  • Oil Resistant
  • Cold Crack: -20°
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Ultraviolet Stable Pigment
  • Static Dissapative
  • Abrasion #8 Cotton Duck 250,000 dbl rubs
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Performance Properties
  • California Fire Code 117
  • MVSS-302
  • BIFMA Class 1
  • Disinfectable with 10:1 bleach.
  • Naugahyde® with Advanced BeautyGard® protects in difficult medical and healthcare environments.
  • Antimicrobial

Innovation in Seating

Recommended by Chiropractors NATIONWIDE since 1952!

Since 1952, the ROK-A-CHAIR has been recommended by Chiropractors for their patients with painful back problems. The firm rocking action and specially-engineered seating position makes the ROK-A-CHAIR perfect for home, office or clinical use.

There are over 75 million chronic backache sufferers in the United States today. When you sit in a firm, upright position, the ROK-A-CHAIR relieves pressure on the entire back because a sitting posture that approaches your most natural resting position is more suitable for chronic pain sufferers. This specially-designed seating position allows the spine to carry the body weight more comfortably.

The ROK-A-CHAIR promotes a balanced sitting position and provides greater mobility, relieves pressure on the lungs and stomach, and relieves tension on sore back muscles.


The Rok-A-Chair Manufacturing Company was founded in 1952 in the Coffeyville, KS area. Although principals have varied over the years, the Alderman Family, who joined the company in 1972 has remained in management since 1978 and provides long-term vision and continuity for the company and its products.

The ROK-A-CHAIR ia a well-known Mid-Century Modern design and is popular among collectors and aficionados of 20th Century furniture.


C150 High-Back

C160 Low-Back

Fabric Chair
Vinyl Chair
Leather Chair



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C150 High-Back Chairs: 36 lbs.
C160 Low-Back Chairs: 34 lbs.

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