Alderman Super Cord

"The best institutional bedspread in America"

Super Cord is the heavy-duty, rib-cord flagship fabric you know and love. This seamless bedspread is permanently flame resistant. It looks great for years, and not just a few months like the others. This friendly bear of a bedspread reduces utility bills because it washes and dries fast at economical temperatures. It really saves on replacement costs because it simply takes a long time to show any wear! Available in all popular sizes, it resists wrinkles and all stains.

  • Flame resistant (meets NFPA 701)
  • Looks great year after year, not just a few months.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Resists wrinkles and all stains.
This tough, durable fabric sees widespread use at universities and colleges, military services, hospitals, clinics, spas, nursing homes, convalescent facilities, hotels and motels.

Did you know? This fabric was again chosen by the Naval Academy at Annapolis for their cadets in training. It's the smart choice.

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